18th Annual Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week

Thousands of graduate & professional students across the country have now participated in GPSA Week.  In 1993, NAGPS established Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week (GPSA Week) as a mechanism to support and appreciate graduate and professional students.  Specifically, GPSA Week seeks to emphasize the impact, contributions, and value of graduate and professional students on campuses throughout the United States.

Every year, more campuses decide to join. Contact your Governor, or Mayor and get a proclamation for the week.  This year, NAGPS is hoping you’ll join us and make this, the 18th annual GPSA Week, the largest and best one ever.

Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week will be held April 4-8, 2011.  Since we realize that some of you may not be aware of GPSA Week, we’ve included a brief list of possible events that your graduate-professional student organization can help organize or host in order to celebrate the week:

  • Provide giveaways and prizes throughout the week
  • A spring carnival would be great
  • Host a talent show
  • Have a coffee break with muffins or fruit platters n punch just for graduate and professional students
  • Ask local businesses to provide discounts and specials during the week
  • Provide a quiet study space or free printing for the week
  • Bring in special guest speakers on a variety of topics
  • Host a dinner with professors as the servers
  • Honor top researchers during the week

Most importantly, have fun in celebrating the important role that graduate and professional students play on campus. If you have any questions about Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week, please contact us.


One response to “18th Annual Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week

  1. LaDesta McCann

    Arkansas State University had a great appreciation week for their graduate students. It started off with a coffee/pastry meet n greet on Monday and ended with a nice finger food buffet on Wednesday. This was a great time to meet all the graduate students at Arkansas State in the new office of the GSC. We are hoping next year to have more activities to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduate students at ASU. Go REDWOLVES!

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