UNT Hosted South-Central Regional Conference

The University of North Texas hosted the first regional conference of 2011 in Denton, TX, providing an opportunity for student leaders, faculty and administrators to discuss issues impacting graduate and professional students.  The weekend was filled with fun, valuable information, and a great time to network and develop lasting relationships.

The conference began with a casual hamburger dinner out by the pool on Friday night.  A tight but fun schedule was in store all day Saturday, many topics that were discussed included, Time Management, International Students, GSC’s becoming self sufficient.  Saturday was topped off with a wonderful meal at Vigne Wine Shop & Delicatessen and a night out on the town.  The conference ended with the election of a new six member board for the South-Central region on Sunday morning.

Congratulations goes out to DiDi McCann SC Regional Chair, Eteri Svanidze SC Regional Vice-Chair, Tom Henry SC Regional Director of Outreach, Addy Meira SC Regional Director of Communications, Luke Russell SC Regional Legislative Concerns and Kristofferson Culmer SC Regional International Student Concerns.

There will be plenty of fun across the country as other regions begin to have their conferences. Conference registration is now open for the remaining regional conferences.  Every regional conference needs high quality presentations from its members as well – to submit an abstract for a regional conference, visit submit an abstract to contribute a presentation that you would like to present at your regional conference.  Here are the dates and locations of the next conferences:

  • MIDWEST: April 15–17, University of Cincinnati,
  • NORTHEAST: April 21–23, Columbia University,
  • SOUTHEAST: April 8–9, Johns Hopkins University,
  • WEST: April 22–23, Washington State University

Find information about all upcoming events on NAGPS Upcoming Events page.

We look forward to hearing from each regional chair or conference coordinator and learning about their activities and what they learned at their conferences.  We look forward to hearing from the attendees posting under their region on what they thought about their conference as well.  Please post and share.


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